Cell Blocks originated in the West, and are starting to be used
throughout the United States, and abroad.


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What Are Cell Blocks?

Precast post tensioned foundation system.

Cell Blocks are an engineered foundation system made from individual precast concrete Blocks that are assembled in various configurations and post-tensioned providing a foundation for a monopole and equipment.

The precast concrete Blocks have interlocking keys cast into their vertical faces. Conduits are cast into the Blocks allowing post-tensioning bars to be inserted horizontally in both directions and anchor bolts for the pole are also cast into the Blocks.

Steps that attach to the perimeter Blocks can be supplied allowing the bulk of the civil construction to be completed in ONE day. Further information is available here.

Cell Blocks are currently available in 7' x 7' x 2'. The Blocks can be configured in many ways to meet customer requirements. Cell Blocks pads are also available for outdoor equipment, diesel generators, and equipment shelters.

Cell Block foundations are currently being used by Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T/Cingular, ALLTEL, Cricket, the U.S. Military, and others.

Site photos showing Cell Blocks at various stages of installation are available here.

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Additional blocks can be added to the Cell Blocks foundation increasing load capacity and footprint without compromising the integrity of the existing foundation.


Helicopter lift to Remote Sites

Helicopter Lift
Remote Site


Large Mountain Top Microwave Sites


Foundations for Large Poles, Shelter, & Generator, and Foundations for Pole & Outdoor Equipment.


Four Block Foundations with a Monopole up to 80' Delivered on One Truck,
and Installed in Three to Four Hours

Forty Block (non-ground disturbing) Foundation Placed on
a Native American Archeologicall Site


Foundations can be Supplied with Cast-in Conduits to Radio Cabinets, Generators, and Other Equipment


    • Cell Blocks can be installed complete with pole and equipment or shelter, including fencing and steps in ONE day.

    • Cell Blocks can be a non-penetrating foundation system allowing the Blocks to be used on contaminated sites increasing customers’ leasing options.

    • Cell Blocks can be installed in areas where rock, difficult access or other constraints would prevent the use of a conventional foundation.

    • Cell Blocks offer predictability in both cost and installation time.

    • Cell Blocks can be removed and reinstalled.

Cell Block Configurations

Configurations include foundations for:

  • Outdoor equipment only
  • Pole and outdoor equipment
  • Pole and shelter
  • Shelter only
  • Pole only
  • Generator only

The drawings shown are a few possible configurations. Additional configurations are available here.



Cell Blocks Inc.’s structural engineer can supply wet stamped drawings and calculations in 49 states and Puerto Rico. Engineering can be produced quickly to meet submittal deadlines. Calculations and drawings are presented in a clear, easy to understand format including diagrams.

A listing of calculations performed and a sample of one of those calculations is available here.


  • Cell Blocks can be supplied with a ground system cast directly into the Blocks.
  • Steps can be supplied that connect directly to the Cell Blocks.

Installation is Easy

Cell Blocks can be placed on soils with low bearing pressures. Site preparation shell be in accordance with soils engineer’s recommendations. To aid installation of the Cell Blocks, approximately 1 inch of sand is spread out over the base making it easy to level the site.

The Blocks can be countersunk into the ground if required or simply placed on grade. Finish grade shall allow water to flow away from the Blocks, whether the Blocks are countersunk or placed on grade.

After the Blocks have been put into position, the post tensioning bars can be inserted through the conduits that have been cast into the Blocks. The hydraulic tensioning equipment is then used to post-tension the bars to specification. The customer or their representative will arrange for a special inspector to witness post-tensioning of the bars.

The monopole is then installed on the anchor bolts that have been precast into the center Block.

At this point a shelter or outdoor equipment can be installed, as well as, fencing and steps completing the civil installation.

A typical Specifications for Manufacture and Installation and Contractor's Scope of Work available as indicated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Building Department approve the use of Cell Blocks?
Cell Blocks have been approved by every building department where submitted. Cell Blocks are an engineered product, manufactured under close quality control guidelines. A list of cities that have approved Cell Blocks are available here.

How are jurisdictional required special inspections handled?
All Cell Blocks are fabricated with in shop inspection. As required, independent inspections can be performed in the prefabrication facility. Additionally, Cell Blocks has a city of Los Angelas approved fabricator. Cell Blocks Inc. will work closely with your team to answer any questions a specific jurisdiction may have.

Who manufactures the Blocks?
Cell Blocks Inc. has partnered with some of the largest precast companies in the country. These facilities are nation wide.

Who supplies the anchor bolts?
The anchor bolts will be supplied by the pole or tower manufacturer, according to Cell Blocks specifications. Cell Blocks Inc. will coordinate with the pole or tower manufacturer for shipping to the appropriate facility.

How heavy are the Blocks and how do I get the Blocks to the site?
Each Block weighs approximately15,000 lbs. This is significantly less than the weight of most shelters. Cell Blocks Inc. will arrange for delivery of the foundation to your site. The Cell Blocks are delivered on 40' flatbed trucks.

Who sets the Blocks?
The contractor will supply the crane to set the Cell Blocks. They can be lifted from four pick points which are cast into the top of each Block. Four equal length slings are attached to the pick points for lifting and sorting the Cell Blocks. The contractor will set and post-tension the Blocks under the guidance of Cell Block Inc.’s personal.

What special tools do I need to install a Cell Block foundation and where do I get them?
Cell Blocks Inc will supply the necessary tooling and on site technology transfer for a minimal fee as called out in our site proposal.

What is the lead-time for a Cell Block foundation?
Upon receipt of a purchase order, the lead-time is approximately three weeks.

Using Cell Blocks can you really complete a site in one day?
Given equipment access and adequate site preparation, the average time to assemble the foundation, set the pole or shelter and install fencing, if required, is one day.

What information is needed for Cell Blocks to proceed?
Cell Blocks Inc. requires a soils report, the pole information from the supplier giving the base reaction and anchor bolt layout. The equipment or shelter size, layout, and weight is also needed. With this information Cell Blocks Inc. can size the foundation and develop wet stamped calculations and drawings for submittal.

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